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Welcome to Entumoto

A new camp with an old history

I once had a farm in Africa, begins one of the most famous novels to have emerged from the African continent. The author was the Scandinavian Karen Blixen and in 1919 she was joined by the young Swedish officer Erik von Heland who became the manager of the Karen Coffee Farm. Back in Sweden, Erik von Heland shared the memories from this time of his life with his family in books and film.


Almost a century later his grandson Karl von Heland established Entumoto Safari Camp in Masai Mara together with his close colleague Rimoine Ole Kararei and some Swedish family companies.

“I have been looking for the right opportunity in East Africa for 20 years. But when Rimoine showed me this valley and told me he would like to be part of establishing a camp here, I realized that my dream was about to come true. This place looks just as I imagined it would. My grandfather would have loved it” says Karl von Heland.

Meeting place

Entumoto means “meeting place” in the local language Maa. Inside the camp the plains meet the hills, the natural water springs from the ground, wildlife and people share this hidden valley that overlooks the majestic landscape of the Masai Mara.

Entumoto is a personal, luxury tented camp that offers the best in personal attention, discreet service and a first rate cuisine that caters for everyone’s needs with fresh vegetables grown right here at the camp. More importantly is Entumoto’s safari experiences from specially designed open Land-Cruisers or escorted on foot in the hilly surroundings.

The founder, Karl von Heland, is the grandson of Erik von Heland. Erik was a young Swedish officer who traveled to Kenya in search of adventure after WW1. He became the manager of Karen Farm in 1919. The now world-famous farm belonged to the author Karen Blixen and her husband Bror von Blixen-Finecke and was the scene of the film “Out of Africa”.

Karl was looking for his dream-project in East Africa for many years. before he found Entumoto together with Rimoine Ole Kararei. Rimoine comes from a nearby Maasai family but has worked and studied in Nairobi where he lived for many years as a close friend and aide to Karl’s relative the late diplomat Kjell Nordenskiöld. With time five more Swedish family-friends of Karl have joined in making the project come true and are now together with Karl and Rimoine, co-owners of Entumoto. Common to all of the owners is a strong passion for life and nature in Kenya, and more than anywhere else, for Masai Mara.

Welcome to our website and welcome to Entumoto! The Meeting Place of the Mara!