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Be close to the wilderness

Sharing the experience of being so close to this wilderness and it’s abundance of wildlife is what it is all about for us. The Masai Mara boasts the most concentrated number of big cats in the world. You will be spotting zebra, antelopes, buffalo, elephant, giraffe and much much more with the guidance of our highly skilled professional guides.“Safari” meaning journey is exactly what you can expect. A journey of discovery and knowledge that brings you intimately in touch with the fine balance between life and death. This living and breathing savannah will capture your every sense.

Close encounters with the wild game are a given here enjoyed from the safety of our custom built, open, game viewing vehicles.

Bush breakfast, half day, lunch on the plain, full day – all is possible. We also do exhilarating night game drives.
Walking safaris in the surrounding hills are very popular with stunning views, under the close supervision of our guides and askaris. This is the best way to get really close to the nature and offers very much in return for the brave. With the vast knowledge of the bush that the Maasai possess – this is a chance to learn how they use nature to their benefit. Plants that are used for curing ailments, roots that are used for water and trees that are used for many other things. Here you can learn about tracking animal spoor and also viewing the smaller, shyer creatures that we so often miss when sitting in a vehicle.

Our swimming pool is sometimes a welcome cool off from the midday sun or a place to simply relax while enjoying a snack and drinks.

A large tent shades our lounge and bar area and our library offers some interesting reading.
Those with an interest for cooking are welcome to join our kitchen and garden staff to select and pick vegetables in our organic vegetable garden.

Entumoto is partly-owned and the land leased from local Maasai families. We can thereby offer unchallenged insights and genuine cultural experiences of the Maasai. Visits to a local Maasai manyatta or homestead kraal can be arranged.

  • Other activities further a field include:
  • A scenic flight in a Cessna aircraft over the Masai Mara
  • A day trip to Lake Victoria
  • Hot air balloon trips

All prices available on request.

Our small and secluded setting allows us to offer exclusive use of the entire camp to groups that desire complete privacy. For instance special thematic weeks will be arranged for holistic Yoga retreats, artists, creative writing and the like.