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Giving back
to the community

Community Projects

Entumoto Safari Camp has initiated and runs a number of community projects as part of our corporate Social responsibility as follows:

The Peder Von Heland Youth Centre and Library

This project is the brain child of the owner family Karl Von Heland and Eva Hamilton in memory of their son the late Peder Von Heland. The family along with friends found a Trust Fund through which they funded the construction of a Youth Training Center at the local Siana Boarding Primary School. The Youth center is managed by the School Headmaster and trains pupils and young Masai men on Carpentry and Masonry Courses after which they hope to get jobs in the nearby Camps and Lodges as first class fundis (Carpenters or Masons).

The Peder Von Heland Youth Center is a beautiful building where some of the School’s activities take place. Given that the center carries a generous capacity of students, it has been identified by the  Ministry of Education as an examination center for the Mara division. The center is also used to hold Community training seminars and workshops of different kinds.

In order to keep students and pay the tutors, our guests are encouraged to donate towards this project. The donations go into buying books and other educational equipments as well as paying teachers.

The Siana Girls Rescue Centre

The Masai girl child still faces a lot of challenges in life whether from early marriage, female genital mutilation, popularly known as (FGM), or challenges of all other manners, the girl child is at a risk .Also based at the Siana boarding Primary School, the center was set up to rescue young Masai girls who are vulnerable from these vices. It is managed by the headmaster and solely depends on donations from well wishers. One may even ‘’adopt’’ one of the girls, by sponsoring her through her schooling.

A good number of girls at the center are able to stay in school thanks to some of our guests who when visited the center were touched by their stories and immediately signed up to sponsor their education.

Our guests are encouraged to donate towards this girls’ rescue center. At the same time we also encourage our guests to spare some time while staying with us and pay a visit to our community projects where you shall hear amazing stories behind them.

The rescue center got two cows and a calf from us which shall give milk to the girls at the center hence sustain their nourishment. Some guests also contributed to this initiative. The cows are of an higher grade than the local Masai cattle.

We have the funds and drawings etc to build a big kitchen and dinning hall at the girls rescue center and we still need more help to finalize the educational kitchen for vocational training in cooking, housekeeping etc.

The Bead work Project

Through their bead work brand the Masai people are known the world over. We have partnered with a local women Co-operative who supplies the Camp’s gift shop with various bead articles such as bracelets etc.

Monies that are derived from the sale of these beads go directly to the individual woman member of this Co-operative.

Upcoming Projects

In an effort to expand our corporate social responsibility, we have identified some projects which we hope will go a long way to improve the lives of the local Masai people. We are looking for more extensions to the rescue center and the school such as offering better food to the pupils in return for “cleaning the villages from garbage” and similar projects.

The Masai have adapted to modern economic strategies, they have applied for tittles for their lands and have incorporated farming. In addition, schools have been opened up and there is a significant number of Masai incorporated in the work force such as the tourist industries and national parks. However, despite the fact that the Masai are changing, there is sufficient amount of evidence that they still have traditional practices such as using cattle to symbolize wealth, female circumcision as a rite of passage, early marriages etc. Entumoto is formulating on ways of assisting with the transition process by offering the local Masai with information concerning formation of conservancy which includes,partnering with the local society in wildlife conservation and in turn offer direct financial benefit. We as well identify new sustainable development plans and sponsor the exceptional ones.

Entumoto hires mostly local staff and also train youngsters from the local society.