The privacy of your game drives in the conservancy are a welcome contrast to those in the Mara and as we allow our vehicles to go off road you can get a real and private experience with the animals.

We can offer walking safaris, sundowners and night game drives in the conservancy which are not permitted in the park. This gives you a chance to stretch your legs and get close to the animals on foot, enjoy drinks in the bush while surrounded by the wildlife and follow the nocturnal animals while they are active at night. Just remember this is a rare experience not possible to those staying within the National Reserve.

Being in our own conservancy also offers the benefit of not having to surround the camp with fences so you are fully immersed in the wildlife throughout your stay.

What animals

Entumoto Conservancy is now teaming with wild animals, we have: several prides of lions, hundreds of elephants, baboons, cheetahs, hyenas, leopards, buffalo and an abundance of plains game such as zebras, giraffes, antelopes and warthogs. Occasionally we even have black rhino and wild dogs passing in and out, and if you look closely you may spot aardvarks, porcupines and bush babies. Bird life in the conservancy is also abundant and diverse.

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There is a section of open grassland with a large watering hole in the centre, that can only be described as Eden. It is the main water point for animals in the conservancy and is therefore often abundant with wildlife. At certain times in the day the density of different game, all in one place, is astounding. Entering Eden at midday or in the evening before the sunset you will often come across elephants, buffalo, giraffe, zebra and impala all drinking together - it is a sight you will find hard to forget and a sight you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere in the Mara.

Positive effects

All the inhabitants in the community are directly benefiting from the conservation and tourism Entumoto brings. We lease the land from individual families and they get a fixed yearly lease and also a variable lease based on the number of tourist bed-nights we have.

The creation of the conservancy has also given us the opportunity to have frequent meetings with large groups of Masai to co-manage the conservancy company. This is a very important step as it gives the Masai a democratic and well-governed organisation, which can work for the benefit of the community.