Entumoto Safari Camp

The Masai mara/Kenya


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Prices starting from US$220 per person


a meeting point 

Entumoto is a private tented safari camp elevated in the hills of the Rift Valley, commanding breath-taking views and sunsets over the Mara plains. The camp has a private conservancy to give you a more intimate and exclusive safari experience as well as direct access into the Masai Mara reserve.

With no fences between the park and the conservancy all the animals you get in the Mara have free reign to come in and out of the conservancy - which is especially exciting during the Great Migration.

Entumoto means meeting point in the local language Maa, which fits well as the camp is situated where the plains meet the hills and where two valleys come together.


For the ultimate safari experience

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why Entumoto

Entumoto is a small private lodge, around 25 guests.  Other lodges in the Mara can be ten times this size. 

We can do games drives in the Mara every day, but we also have our private conservancy where the game is more plentiful and accessible.  We can do game drives, game walks and night drives in the conservancy and are often alone with the game rather than waiting our turn amongst other vehicles. 

Entumoto has its own vegetable garden, so the food is fresh and our chef is known for his creative dishes. The majority of our staff are local Masai’s which gives the camp an authentic and friendly feel. Environmentally sustainable tourism is an essential part of Entumoto and the whole camp runs of solar power 24/7.



We are driven to have as low an impact as possible on the natural habitat around us. We provide fresh water from our own well, have our own abundant organic vegetable garden and constantly seek to be up to date with the latest environmental technology. We have invested in a new solar powered battery system and are currently creating one of the first electric safari vehicles to drive in the Mara.


At Entumoto we ensure the local community thrives as we thrive. We employ mainly local staff, train young Masai, engage in and help build local schools and support the local Rescue Centre - for girls facing very real issues such as rape, early marriage and FGM. From our conception we have worked closely with the village elders to help bring communities together and work towards mutually beneficial outcomes.


The formation of the conservancy has created a safe haven for wildlife to live undisturbed. This is largely due to the local Masai villages learning to co-exist with the wildlife. A key part of our conservation effort is to ensure all parties benefit from the thriving wildlife populations and the eco-tourism they bring. With the numbers of elephants, lions and rhinos on the rise we are proud to see the positive changes we make.


We can't wait to see you.

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Entumoto Safari Camp, Siana Conservancy on Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya