Welcome to our reservations page - we’re happy you made it this far! Now you’re here - you might as well fill in your information below. Once we know you’re interested we can let you know our availability. We will send you an email within 24 hours with a quote for your trip. We can also advise you on local transport in Kenya and other places to stay during your trip.

However, if you don’t like waiting (which is completely fair enough) and want this information immediately then have a look at our information page and you can see our rates there.

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Considered children when under 12 years old.
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Have a look at the camp tab and the gallery tabs to see the difference between the two tiers of accommodation.
Family rooms fit 4 adults comfortably - with 2 extra sofa beds for children if necessary.
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Have a look at the information section to read about the two different options. We would advise All-Inclusive to get the true Entumoto experience.
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In additional information let us know where you are coming from or going to and we can help arrange this for you?

Cancellation Policy

Just for your information once you have booked and transferred the money to us here is our cancellation policy. We will try and be as lenient as we can, especially if there are exceptional circumstances.

• If you are forced to cancel your booking at any time due to a medical condition, please provide some ‘medical evidence’ and we are happy to postpone your booking to a further date without any fees.

• If you are forced to cancel your booking 12 weeks before your date of travel, we are happy to keep your payment against a future booking without any penalty fees or we can discuss a refund.

• If you cancel more than 8 weeks before your arrival date - we will just keep your deposit but can refund you the rest of your payment.

• If you cancel within 4 - 6 weeks of your travel - there will be cancellation charges of 60% of the full cost of your safari.

• If you cancel 3 weeks before the date of your travel you will be charged the full amount of the safari. I hope you can understand this is because it doesn’t give us much time to fill your rooms.

• Should you fail to travel or join your safari after departure or leave prior to its completion - no refund can be made.